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WMV ColorGetsMessed

only with .WMV files the color is messed up, it looks like oposite colors, but from wat i can see green white and black arnt affected, wierd?

im on a HP 7915, 1.1celeron, gforce2 mx 400 with latest nvidia driver, winXP home, Dx 9, winamp3 488-build, the pc didnt come with win media player 9, i installed wmp9 recently and the colors are fine in it with .wmv files.

i looked in the faq and skimmed bugzilla, didnt see this reported b4, if it was, myb, thought id mention it though incase it wasnt.
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You mean this part of the FAQ?

Why is my video blue?
1. Uninstall all versions of Nimo Codec Pack if it is installed.
(This is not the actual cause of the problem, but seems to prevent ffdshow from working properly. And it generally causes problems).
2. Download and install the latest alpha version of ffdshow. (The 2003-01-03 release) [Requires Microsoft® C Runtime Library 7.0]
3. Open the ffdshow Configuration (Start > Programs > ffdshow > Configuration) and select "Codecs." Uncheck the "YV12" option under "Supported Output Colorspaces". Screen Shot.
This bug is fixed in builds 498 and above (winamp3 no longer accepts YV12 by default).
Original Fix Post | Bug Information
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ty man, i also just remembered, my repeat single file option doesnt work.
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There is a bug with repeat single. Look at the following threads for a couple workarounds....
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I installed ffdshow and unchecked the YV12 box, but color on my .wmv files is still messed up. I know the files are OK, they work fine in other players. I've never used Nimo's codec pack. Can anyone help?

On a related note, I have winamp3 build #488. Is there a newer version with this bug fixed? I cannot find it.

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