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Old 26th September 2003, 00:45   #1
Klb 1 Stunna918
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Angry Winamp 3 Crashs

I love having Winamp 3 on my computer, but it crashes too many times. I can't reinstall Winamp everytime that it falls to work because of the same problem . I've had to reinstall the program 3 times within the last month. Dispite all of the strenghs the Winamp 3 has, all of the crashs brings down the quality and most improtantly, the RELIABLILITY of it.

I can't give you all of the error messages that I have received from Winamp, and I can't really repeat the error that I am experianceing as it occurs unexpectedly and shuts down farily quickly. BUT sometimes when I enter the Media Library, I would pick a song, it would play correctly. After a few secs. if I pick a new song to play, it might sometimes freeze up and I will get a message saying that "Studio.exe ( or something similar--again, I can't really recreate the error and it doesn't stay on the screen long when it happens) has executed an illegal operation and wil be shut down."

Another message that I might get, is also created the same way, and could also just happen in the middle of playing a song. I would get a message saying that a converter of some kind has made many errors and will need to be restarted. I would get this message and a few seconds afterwards, I would get the other error message that I had stated earlier in this post.

Ive tried re-downloading the program from this website and re-installing it. That seemed to help, but after a week or so, I got the same results. Its almost like its running on a timer, that xx amount of days after it was installed, it will start giving out errors and shuting down.

If anyone could help me out with this problem that I have, please reply to this post. Or you can e-mail me at klb1stunna918@netscape.net OR u can just vote to let me know if this is a common problem amoung Winamp 3 users.

Any info will help. Thankx in advance!

Im out!!!

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Old 26th September 2003, 04:20   #2
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You will get some better help if you could answer the following spec. questions

Windows Version?
CPU & Speed?
DirectX version? (Start button > Run... > type DXDIAG > click OK > System tag)
Are you using Winamp on a user account ?
Winamp3 Version? (Right click in main window, read top line of popup menu)
Did you install Winamp3 with Internationalization support?
Did you install any third party Winamp components (add-ins)?

Hopefully, with that information, one of us will be able help you. Meanwhile the following may be of help...

Winamp3 Trouble-Shooter Guide
Winamp3 FAQ: Top of Page
Winamp3 FAQ: Technical Support
Winamp3 FAQ: Common Error Messages & Bugs List

Maybe a mod should move this to WA3 Tech. Support

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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