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Responding to music - the basics?

First off, I'm not developing for Winamp, but this seemed an obvious place to start - let me know if there's somewhere better this should be.

I want to create a C++ app that reacts to music - beats, frequencies, amplitudes etc. File format isn't important - I have a soft-spot for .ogg, but I guess pure wave format would be easier to work with. It doesn't even have to be in realtime (though it's obviously a bonus if it doesn't take 4 days to calculate a single song)

So...has anyone got any suggestions on how to go about this? How can I pick out beats in music? Fourier transform would be the obvious way to go about finding frequencies, but this doesn't give frequencies at a specific point in time. Or do you just FT the previous 0.5 seconds of a song?

Any hints, tips, resources?
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Not here

You'd better ask this question in the regular plug-in forms, as this one is about AVS only. AVS provides a simplified platform for plugins, while still giving you freedom about what to do.

If you want to create your own app that responds to the music, I'd still suggest coding a WinAMP plugin. It provides both oscilloscope and fourier data, letting you focus on the actual beat and music recognition. If you want to go hardcore, you'll have to write your own player, which brings up TONS of unnecessary things. Go for WinAMP, WinAMP is your friend. It can play virtually any format
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