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newbie forum

OK, its time to face the truth. There are alot of presets out there that are just so unbeleivably stupid that you just want to throw your computer out the window before ever opening up avs again. They are a purley moronic strining of renders and trans's that the newbie terms as AVS. I think we should all take a moment and this topic to bring out the best of the worst and glorify their utter disgusting avs wannabe presets.

Now i know in my day, i have been known to create these presets, and i gladly accept the fact that i am not too good at this stuff. And knowing this, i doubt i would ever publicly produce and publish an avs pack. However the avs world is filled with people who like to show off their bad work.

I want to dedicate this forum topic to the newbie, like myself, who needs a place to test out their newbie avs presets. It will be the newbie forum where the novice can show their work to the experts, and have them positively comment on it all, and not criticize them for being shitty with stars (or lack thereof) and yelling.

So enjoy this mini-forum, newbies and experts, as a place where all can come together and help each other to bring avs to the next level. Godspeed Pilots.
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good idea

I would be willing to second your idea, so just so you know you have a supporter (though I'm still learning things about ways to use AVS-even though I've been working with it for 2 years). I'd thought about suggesting something like that myself, but I figured I'd let someone else do the work to get it started.
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