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How to bypass 1st song Suffle bug!!!!!!!

ok guys

for everyone out there that HATES listening to the same old song on their playlist everytime when they have shuffle turned on.

HERE GOES now i don't know if anyone else has come up with this solution but hey its no big deal if they have.

anywhere on your computer make a file called *.mp3 or whatever extension thats associated with music you like, e.g it could be *.Ogg or whatever.

i did this by creating a *.TXT document and re-naming it *.mp3

well this is a BLANK file, now place it at the beggining of your playlist!!!!!!


you have the bug sorted out, and now it randomly plays a song from anywhere in the list on startup!!!!!
you can't even visually see it try and play the first song, it is 0 sec's long and no problem to have in your playlist.

Any FAN mail is mcuh appreciated.

anyway i have been using Winamp 3 for a grand total of about 2 hours LOL.

hope that helps

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4th post in that thread.

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cool i thought someone would have come up with it already.

i am pretty new to Winamp3 so hey just throwing around ideas.
(its uncanny that we did it the exact same way. LOL)

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