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The future of AVS?

i wonder what's gonna be the next step in evolution o AVS art?
we've seen wireframe vectors, some attempts to shade them (was it real Gouard Unconed?) and some texturing too ...

what will be the next barrier to break?

and how long it's gonna develope?

what do you guys think?
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Well I beleive from what I have seen from Little buddys amazing effects, we could see so many presets in one preset file.

Soon AVS will be unstoppable wahahahahhah ah hahahhhah ah!!!

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global effects

I'm not sure where the future of AVS is going, but I'm sure it will be exciting. One thing I've always wanted is the ability to add global effects, text, pictures or render objects that are always present no matter what preset your viewing.

Anybody remember Cthugha, probably the 1st awesome vis plugin for winamp. I think even Justin got involved with it. Anyway one of the coolest features was to mix in pictures randomly with the effects. It was really trippy and provided hours of entertainment for me back in the day. I would say plugins have come a long way since then, but some of the coolest features of the oldskool ones have been left out.
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yeah, sure I remember Cthuga, I used to watch it for hours when it was new, and still now I switch to it sometimes to remember the good old times
I especially like the effects which include the song name in the visualisation renderings. Anyone knows if there are some similar plugins for AVS?
And in future AVS versions & plugins I'd like to see better support for 3D-objects, so go on developing you designers, I adore your work !
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