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flullscreen and dual desktops

hi, I use an asus geforce ddr card for my secondary display
and a pci card for my primary display on windows XP...

Can I fullcreen the avs window (to get better performace) on the geforce display and still live manipulate it on the primary display?

I tryed but, the primary display went pitch black..

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Can I ask why you would have a PCI card as primary and a GeForce as secondary? I suggest going to your display properties and then to settings and then right click on the box representing your GeForce card and select primary. This will make all fullscreen apps run defualt on your Geforce card as apposed to the PCI card. Once you do that and you try to enter fullscreen mode in AVS It will now show on your GeForce card and the PCI one will have winamp on it (if thats where you put it).

The most probable reason why the monitor went pitch black is becuase you tried to enter a resolution/refresh rate that your monitor does not support. This is common to older monitors. I cannot enter anything above 800x600 75hz on my two monitors wich is quite annoying because my eyes start to hurt after a few hours of staring at the screens.

[edit] *note to self* proofread you damn fool.......sigh.... [/edit]
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You could do what I do..

Primary display is 3d prophet II mx 32, secondary Ati Mach 64 tv-out.

I just open Avs in a window on the second desktop, resize it to fit the whole screen (you can even get rid of the borders with a bit of practice) I then open up the config menu on the primary desktop.

As a result, the Avs's run faster because it's not a true fullscreen. I also overlay the Avs onto my primary desktop, so I can monitor the output. I played around trial and error styles for a while, and this is the best setup I have found so far to allow for live manipulation, fullscreen, and optimal framerate.

Hope this helps..
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