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Internet Explorer goes to the wrong webpage

Lately, when I type in a URL in Internet Explorer, sometimes it will just go to that webpage, and sometimes it will go to a porn site . It's some kind of search engine, like the way it will take you to that MSN URL search if you type in a non-existant URL. I type in, say, www.google.com, and it goes to some pornography search engine instead. I deleted all of the cookies and scanned my entire computer with Norton, and it had no effect whatsoever. The only way I can stop this from happening is to type in http:// before every webpage address, which is a pain in the ass. Thanks for any advice you can give me (besides STFW, because I tried that already).

P.S. Before you say it, I DID try Mozilla, and while it's nice, it doesn't handle certain types of web pages that I need to use for school.

P.P.S. The worst part of all of this is that the porn site that it takes me to isn't even in English .
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try running ad-aware
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Russian Babes are hot though.

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I will agree with Phily on that one, my ex-fiance was russian, my god is she hot! Anyway, but in some cases and pornography site will automatically set something into your registry to automatically go to a pornsite on startup (I have had this happen to me before when my older brother got ahold of my machine) Anywho, it wouldn't hurt to take a peak into your temporary internet files and see what all is on there, plus clearing your history might help just a tiny bit but not much for a significant change but might help you find the source of the problem. Also take a peek in your registry, I run win98se so here is what I would do to find out where any porn sites may have sneaked into it:

click start->run->regedit.exe->okey dokey

and then click on edit->find

either that or hit ctrl-f to search for anything that you think would be related to porn, I'm not sure how it would work for winXP/2000 but it worth taking a look at your registry editor and figuring out what keys have been inputed into it. But be VERY careful when you do, you may screw up your OS if you do something wrong. I have done that before, some lessons your heard the hard way.
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we were having a problem testing someone's site the other day - if you used IE or mozilla (on any computer) it'd just go to porn, but the site would show properly through opera it was in one of the other threads, the other day... we even nslooked the IPs, and even connecting directly to them, same thing...

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Try using a REAL browser:


Follows W3C standards! No spyware like M$, deletes cookies and cache on exit, small & fast, returns to all pages where you left off if Opera crshes!
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Wow... I just downloaded Opera, and it's one of the nicest programs I've ever used. The fact that you can keep windows of it open within the same main "group" makes it better than Internet Explorer, and the way it handles cookies is really nice too. If only there was an alternative that was this much better than Windows (and no, I don't consider OS X to be a viable alternative).
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