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Question about Shoutcast

Mkay, I see tons of other stations that have 2-3 other DJs talking to eachother. For instance; www.tsncentral.com have shoutcasts all the time with lots of people on it.

I've tried the stupid ventrilo way, which took me about 8 hours to even do trial and errors and I failed miserably. What kind of other techniques can I do to get me and my friends to do that. There has to be some way.

Sort've like a talk-show? Is there a way to mix all of the content, like talking to eachother and getting it real time.
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Skype, or get together in one place , put some mics on the table and your are there.

there is no way to get it real time, there is always going to be delay.

Each Thursday a new show on Celtica Radio with Darkwave music.

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