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winshade mode based skin

I apologise for my ignorance in asking this, but I have been searching for some time now....

Does anyone know of any skins (besides winamp modern's default) that actually has a fully functional winshade mode with autohide? I've been looking for something that basically can do everything without having to expand out to normal mode. I always run winamp in winshade mode docked on top with autohide activated and the playlist docked to the left in autohide mode. Most of the skins i've seen may have really cool main windows, but the winshades are cruddy and the playlists don't autohide. I appreciate the work that skinners put into their stuff, but i usually never look at main windows. I don't listen to music staring at the player, I listen while playing games and surfing the net. MMD3's stick mode is the best i've found functionally, but it doesn't stretch out or dock/hide. winamp modern is is still my favorite, but it's starting to get old.
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checkout beta4 of Walpha - http://forums.skinconsortium.com/viewtopic.php?t=285
only 1 more beta version left before it gets released, the stuff in my wip version has lots of fixes since beta4 and it wont be long till beta5 comes along

might not be your cup of tea but it stretches for both horizontal & vertical modes
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Hmm... walpha seems to not like me. Every time i try to dock the winshade mode it insta-crashes winamp. Maybe the next beta. Thanks though. I didn't know about that skinconsortium site though. have to go exploring...
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Check out BasicAmp2 here :


It's not a "regular" WA skin, though !
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