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Milkdrop crashes when output to hdtv at all resolutions

Milkdrop crashes when fullscreen on hdtv at all resolutions, but when output to an hd projector it works perfectly at all resolutions. it works windowed, but when i fullscreen it on the hdtv it gives me the "DIRECTX INITIALIZATION FAILED(CREATEDEVICE; CODE 87)
OFTEN THIS MEANS YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH VIDEO MEMORY." however i dont think its the video memory because it worked on the projector just fine. im connecting using an hdmi cable if that makes a difference. any help to fix this would be appreciated
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knowing absolutely nothing about your computers tech specs and or your projectors native resolution or HDTV's resolutions all I can do is guess.

My first guess would be your projector is lower res then your tv's native res thus why it needs more ram. I am also guessing your videocard is some onboard thing and or is very very very old. Even an old 128mb geforce 8800 GT could handle Milkdrop at 1080p all be it a tad slowly on some presets.

Only thing you can try short of upgrading your videocard is try to install the latest drivers for whatever videocard have and update your direct x while your at it.
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