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Please Help Webcasters

I posted this in GD and it died a quick death.
My mistake.
General Discussion has become more of a Day Care Center Playground.
This deserves a more serious audience...
The same for ilikedirtthe2nd's post on the release of Ogg Vorbis 1.0,
which he too made the mistake of posting in GD.

Things are happening rather quickly right now.
Congress is nearing its end for the summer,
and by the time they return...it will be too late,
short of a stay on the royalty fee's set by the Librarian of Congress.

Please help out, whether you listen to internet radio or not,
and send this e-fax to your Representatives and Senators.
(If you live in the US)

Letter of Explination
for use on broadcasters websites

E-Fax to Representative and Senators

Thank you very much for your help.

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I sent mine.

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i didn't feel like this needed a new thread: http://www.peercast.org/

free streaming media via gnutella, cool eh?
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Help Webcasters

As much as I would love to help, what voice does the general public have? None, all the RIAA (and similar companies around the world) are interested about is lining there pockets with even more money.

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Re: Help Webcasters

Originally posted by mmitchell86
As much as I would love to help, what voice does the general public have? None,
Not true my friend.
Just look at the case here in America about the Pledge of Allegiance.
The voices of everyday Americans across our land,
rang louder than ever before, and caused the court to stay the decision.
all the RIAA (and similar companies around the world) are interested about is lining there pockets with even more money.
It's not about the money to the RIAA,
as they try to make you believe.
The money they'll make from internet radio royalty fees,
has already been proven to be minimal in the long run.
For the RIAA, it's all about CONTROL.
They want all of it, the whole red wagon.

Hilary B Rosen is an addict.
She's taking power and control and running it in her veins.
It's clouding her common sense judgement.
How do we know this?
Because she shows the greatest symptom of addiction:
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My thoughts...

Personally, I believe we are in a transitional stage as far as music consumption. (And possibly other medias as well)

We exist right now with a business model that has unchanged since the dawn of recorded music- when in the beginning, the record companies served the vital purpose of ... well, recording. To phonograph spools to CD's, the companies have been the only ones who posessed the infrastructure (advertising, manufacturing, investor lineup, etc etc) to distribute recorded materials. As it is they who have always had the money and the investors, it is always they who have had the power - not only over the salaries of those whom they sign up, (which really doesn't affect any of us, honestly) but over who gets instantly catapulted to stardom.

I believe in 20 years we will be in a vastyl different situation- now that music is only one of hundreds of types of data... I believe in the future we will have an amazing choice of who to listen to- BUT, it will a much harder choice to make since nearly every hack with a guitar, mic, and beat box will be producing his own records.

This is the situation right now on mp3.com- but I imagine the entire field of music choice becoming flooded with artists of all skill levels once the record companies no longer exist to "filter". An anarchy of art? Yes. Let 100 flowers bloom, let 100 schools contend.

The situation has many positives and negatives... But the way I see it, be careful what you wish for, all you diseffected teens and college students.

I do not commend Ms Rosen, but I don't chastise her either her- someone in her position is doing what should be expected by all. You see, like government departments, companies and corporate groups are also bureaucracies- and before anything else, like a lifeform, a bureaucracy puts it's immediate survival needs as its first priority. They do not like to change, streamline, or be reshuffled.

Any, any, bureaucracy will put up quite a ferocious fight when it is threatened- because there everyone involved is self-interested, despite what the needs of the future are or what the needs of the people are. The RIAA is no exception.

But I do believe that they are sticking to what is now an antiquated distribution form- where now my sister can burn CD's without a thought. By succeeding now at the cost of the future... they have won the proverbial battle but will lose the proverbial war.

Eventually, if they continue this route, their investors will lose confidence in them and they will be forced to close shop or reevaluate their business plans...

which could be fatal for everyone involved if they are reevaluated too late.

Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their Country
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Related Developments

I just thought I would post this link here to a
report about the appeal filed on monday by webcasters
to have the royalty rates disolved. Read the article.

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