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can someone test this please

can someone let me know if my stream is working please, as im having trouble finding the dnas page. if i tap in local host:8000 it comes up but if i enter
it does not show to check that im sure thats the right ip?

im in the stats at present as real love, any help is much apreciated.


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nothing here

any errors in the logs?
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Another ntli proxy server. That ISP would drive me insane. - Here's your real IP (thanks for posting your station name in the YP, that made life much easier!)

Be sure to use YPORT=666 at all times, as you probably already did, with that ISP and you should be fine.

Server Status: Server is currently up and public.
Stream Status: Stream is up at 24 kbps with 0 of 10 listeners (0 unique)
Listener Peak: 1
Average Listen Time: 0m 01s
Stream Title: Real Love
Content Type: audio/aacp
Stream Genre: Soul Funk Jazz
Stream URL: http://www.realloveradio.co.uk
Stream AIM: N/A
Stream IRC: #shoutcast
Current Song:

No audio at the moment, so I can't tell you how it sounds.
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thanks good people really apreciated, I was having a mare finding my ip as the "whats my ip" was giving me 80.3. one.

thanks again.

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