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error on insert 80070003 synching to sansa e260

I'm trying to synch to this device but i always get this error and none of the files transfer over. The firmware on the device is 1.00.12a (upgraded using the sandisk software).
Anyone else successfully synched playlists to this device?
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what worked for me...

I was getting these errors......and after a day of fidding with here is what fixed the issue.

1) under winamp preferences, you;ll find the portables folder, with your sansa shown (if connected ... which i would recommend). Make sure the "update from my local media library option" is selected. I also have it syncing with the "updated all playlists except those selected" checked.

2) I had to rebuild some playlists, since for some reason they were corrupted within winamp.

Last comment, when I transfer to the Sansa, I select the playlist from the panel on the left hand side of the window. Right click and select send to sansa. It sends the playlist and the songs.

This isn't too technical.....or possible even the right solution....but it worked for me. Good luck and hope it helps you/others.
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Please don't delete this Admins ( it is a repat of another reply I just made but I thought it would be useful here)

If you plug in your device either over Wifi (you need the android Winamp ap on your phone) or via USB, you will want to enable Winamp PRO (FOR FREE!!) at this link LINK REMOVED go into Winamp > Options > Preferences > Winamp Pro right at the top then put in the details from that link.

OK.... now that you have Winamp Pro, with your device plugged in go to Winamp > Options > Preferences > Portables > Transcoding AND THIS IS VERY important CLICK Enable Transcoding of incompatible tracks and use MP3 Encoder v1.37

I use a minimum of 128 and a max of 320 kbps because I like a good quality song. This will now transcode ANY tracks that refuse to be played on your device and will hopefully fix the main problem disallowing you from Syncing your device with Winamp.

Good luck
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Posting links to keygens isn't legal, so here is your first warning. Also replying to an 8 years old thread doesn't make any sense as well.

I've also soft deleted your other, identical posting.
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