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shoutcast will not work for me

i have winamp 5.621 as well as all of the shoutcast add ons. i have been using winamp/shoutcast for about a year and had no problems. the other day it wouldnt connect. i have downloaded all of the new winamp and shoutcast programs and still it will not connect. it connects on VDJ but i find winamp easier to use. shoutcast window does pop up when i open winamp and all of the information in there is correct. i'm at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong. i have done a complete reinstall of both after making sure all files were removed. still, nothing. firewall disabled. i have win7 if that matters. i did d/l the shoutcast for 64 bit system but am wondering if i shouldnt change it to 32. i seriously need some assistance with this as i have been trying for days now to get it to work.
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if the dsp just stopped connecting then the first thing would be to check that the server address you're trying to connect to has not changed.

it's not clear from your post if this is all on the same machine or you've got the DSP on one and the DNAS on another.

also what versions of everything are you using (Winamp, DSP, DNAS).

otherwise, if things had not been changed then only a network issue / IP changes makes the most likely cause of things stopping working (based on the information you've provided so far).

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