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Enqueue plugin?

I'm looking for a plugin with a special function. Maby it exists already or someone find it that a great idea he starts coding...
Here's what:
I have a playlist with many items. I want users to enable to select the numer the will be played next. So a user can, via internet or a app on a external computer, choose which number is played next. This file is enqueued behind the playing number unless there is already an user-enqueued number, in which case it will be enqueued behind the last user-enqueued number.
All that needs to be done is just move numbers in the playlist, but the API doesn't support it.
Anyone has the right plugin for me?

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use the jump feature in the playlist. press f3 in the playlist editor.

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hey aus...
via internet or a app on a external computer
there is actually a way to do this that will keep from randomizing your list after 1000 queues have gone off..to do this, run a program alongside winamp that checks for song change, this program has it's own built in list, when the song changes, catch it within the first 25 milliseconds to keep from hearing anything start, then change the song to the one in your programs internal playlist, once the song changes, remove the top listing in the list and play the next, if there isnt another, then put winamp's playlist number back where it was and let it play on..simple
to do this via the internet, have your program/plugin act as a web server, just call it as you would a cgi script for instance, and return a line of text saying what you have done is done, you can dump that in a frame if you dont need to show it, or use php or xml to call winamp, or use a cgi script on an existing web server you run..now I know such a thing exists, cuz I wrote one, but it's all hard coded for my own web page, so get your own
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- web based queue managemnt, requires IIS (Windows web server)

or check out wwwianamp:

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