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PulseAudio output plugin (test)


There is a time delay. Maybe that tells something.
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File Type: 7z PulseAudio_Output_v0_1a.7z (101.7 KB, 373 views)
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Bug fix

* Fixed a bug with the timeline
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File Type: 7z PulseAudio_Output_v0_1b.7z (101.7 KB, 443 views)
File Type: zip out_pulseaudio_v0_1b.zip (292.5 KB, 490 views)
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I downloaded the zip file, extracted it, and ran the installer on both Windows XP and Ubuntu Studio Lucid under Wine.

On Windows XP it caused Winamp to hang indefinitely every time I tried to play a file.

On Ubuntu whenever I tried to play a file it said it could not open the device (I'm assuming it meant the audio device), and for whatever reason the installer (running under Wine) caused Winamp (under Wine) to crash.

What exactly is this plugin supposed to do (other than the obvious reference to PulseAudio remote connection?)
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Thank you. This is the first attempt to write a plugin. Perhaps a failed attempt.
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Hey Bulldozer,

your plugin is not a fail. It actuallay WORKS!!

The problem thinktink encountered is the authentication,
which is not available for the simple use of pulseaudio.
The only prob is that the lib does not return a correct error code
and on the server you have to read the syslog.

I have no experiences with the win32 pa lib, but maybe there is a different connection method which also allows a magic cookie to be used. This is then usually stored in the users home directory.

But you can disable authentication by passing additional parameters to your pulseaudio config (on the server side): locate your pulseaudio config (*.pa-file) and add the following parameters for the native-protocol-tcp module:

load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl=;

I configured my pulseaudio system as daemon since it is a server without a "head", e.g. without input devices and tfts, hence without any user session.

The only thing that did not work for me was playing dts or dolby digital files.
You can find free sample files here:

I tested these files:
SURROUNDTEST_DD_640, SURROUNDTEST_011212 and Norrlanda

Thanx for this very good plugin!!
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