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"New Tracks" smart view?


I currently have a smart view set up that will show me all the songs I’ve added to media library in the last 2 weeks, using the "last updated" value, like this:

lastupd > [2 weeks ago]

However this goes completely wrong if i modify the tags of any mp3s, as they are then added to this list. From what i can tell there is no "added to library" value, which would work better.

Does anyone know of a plug-in or anything that would add this functionality and record the date a track is added to the library, but not change it when the file is edited??

This goes epically wrong when I sync my ipod with ml_ipod, as every song i have on my ipod then gets "updated" (don’t know how cause nothing actually changes) and they all go into my new songs list.

Cheers for any help,

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i use this query

filetime >= [2 week ago] AND type = "0"

and i haven't noticed that it adds newly-modified files to that list.
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Never noticed “file time” value before, looks like it is the date & time that the file was modified, for me it does add tracks to the “New Music” view if I edit the tags (as this obviously modifies the file). However as the ml_ipod plug-in only changes the “last updated” value in media library, and doesn’t actually modify the files in anyway, it has solved half my problem, and that was the biggest one.

Cheers, konan, very much appreciated that has pretty much solved my problem, i dont edit the tags much after adding the files to the library anyway.

Also, rating an item no longer screws things up because ratings are stored in the library, not the file, so it has no effect on the modified date.

Still, it would be nice if the media library remembered the time files were added to it.
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