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Autosaving library playlists as M3U also (not just M3U8)

Upon making changes to a playlist in Winamp's library and exiting Winamp, the corresponding plf****.m3u8 file will be updated with those changes. Those .m3u8 files are all in the Winamp settings folders.

Upon making changes to a currently playing playlist in Winamp, those changes are reflected instantly in both Winamp.m3u8 AND Winamp.m3u

It is my understanding that the Winamp.m3u is still written and updated as many older plug-ins may still reference this non-unicode file.....ok....but what about the Library playlists.

Is there any way I can get m3u playlists to be written for my Library playlists when changes are made???
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there is no reason for the plf****.m3u8 to have a m3u version as there is a proper api in place in Winamp for plug-ins to get those playlists. also the whole purpose of using m3u8 is so if m3u playlists need to be generated can be done from working filepaths i.e. it doesn't lead to ???? in playlist entries with non-english characters.

the ml playlists api which is in place goes back years from what i remember though most plug-in authors don't bother using the correct apis or it's all done from external programs which won't be able to use the api anyway.

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Ya, this request isn't for anything directly related to Winamp. Not a Plug-in or anything like that. My 3rd party application only accepts m3u playlists (not m3u8), and I would have loved to have auto-updated winamp library playlists be detected by it. I already figured out a solution to routing the real playlist name to the plf****.m3u8 playlists by using Hard Links or Symbolic Links.....I just can't get a way to auto-output a .m3u for them.
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