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milkdrop 1.04 beta 6

beta 6 is here:


-now when playlist is up, SHIFT+A-Z seeks upward (while lowercase/regular a-z seeks downward).

-fixed blurry text

-fixed clipping of onscreen text in low-video-memory situations. Now, if there isn't enough video memory to create an offscreen texture that is at least 75% of the size of the screen (or to create at least a 256x256 one), it won't bother using one, and will instead draw text directly to the screen. Otherwise, if the texture is from 75%-99% of the screen size, text will now at least appear in the correct position on the screen so that it will be visible; this will mean that the right- and bottom-aligned text will no longer be fully right/bottom-aligned to the edge of the screen.

-added 'meshx' and 'meshy' [read-only] variables to the preset init, per-frame, and per-pixel equations (...and inc'd the size of the global variable pool by 2).

-cranked max. meshsize up to 96x72

-now the 'q' variables, as modified by the preset per-frame equations, are again readable by the custom waves + custom shapes. Sorry about that. Should be the end of the 'q' confusion.

-removed t1-t8 vars for Custom Shapes; they were unnecessary (since there's no per-point code there).

-created a visual map for the flow of values for the q1-q8 and t1-t8 variables: q_and_t_vars.gif (or something).

-protected custom waves from trying to draw when # of sample minus the separation is < 2 (or 1 if drawing with dots); this might cause the instabilities around the # of samples for custom waves.

-increased max. # of custom shapes, and custom waves, from 3 to 4

-custom shapes:
-each frame, custom shapes now draw BEFORE regular waveform + custom waves
-added 'texture' option, which allows you to use the last frame as a texture on the shape
-added "tex_ang" and "tex_zoom" params to control the texture coords
-added init + per-frame vars: "texture", "additive", "thick", "tex_ang", "tex_zoom"

-fixed some [minor] preset-blending bugs in the custom wave code

-fixed valid characters for filenames when importing/exporting custom shapes/waves; also, it now gives error messages on error in import/export.

-VJ mode is partially restored; the rest will come with beta 7 or the final release. At the time of beta 6, VJ mode still has some glitches in it, but I'm working on them. Most notably, it doesn't resize the text image when you resize the window; that's next on my list.


BTW, don't forget to check out the flow chart for the propagation of the values of the q1-q8 and t1-t8 variables:
...and let me know if you see anything that will make it backwards-incompatible with milkdrop 1.03. Unfortunately, some presets created since 1.04 beta 1 might have to be fixed, but probably not too many.


One more reminder... if anyone wants to volunteer to round up everyone's submissions of v1.04 presets into one handy zip file for me, I will be their best friend. =)

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