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Skinning checkboxes in a ML plugin

I've got a minor problem that I can't seem to fix: I'm trying use WADlg_handleDialogMsgs to draw buttons and skin a window/view for a ML plugin. Only trouble is that the text on checkboxes comes out in black (I think the default button text colour) - with the classic skin this means black on dark brown text.

So far I have four options off the top of my head:

1) check the message id in the dialog and ignore/skip WADlg_handleDialogMsgs for the WM_CTLCOLOR messages for my checkbox resources

2) Use the ctrlskin stuff posted here a while back

3) Put no text on the checkbox and use static text next to it

4) Define WA_DLG_IMPLEMENT and edit wa_dlg.h

Just before I do any of these (which feel a bit hacky), does anyone have any better ideas or solutions?
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