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Screen Savers

I got a month of free digital cable a while ago. I was instantly hooked on The Screen Savers.

I never got to see the show when it was hosted by Pat Norton and Leo Laporte. I started watching when Pat and Kevin were the hosts. I thought they made a great team. Pat was smart and a good geeky role model and Kevin was clever and added a bit of laughter.

Just recently I decided to download some eps from bittorrent. I was kinda shocked to see that they were in a completely new set and had a totally new cohost, Alex. I do still enjoy the show, but it seems like they're trying to be "hip" and appeal to a younger audience. Not to mention the fact that Alex adds nothing more than some comic relief and gratuitous use of the term "Booyakasha." I'm sure he knows his way around a computer, but does that qualify him to be on a computer help show? Another thing that gets old fast is how they constantly say something that is borderline illegal and then say "Oh we better not say that, we might get in trouble." I think Sarah Lane should cohost. She's smart and sexy and probably won't say Booyakasha.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?
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The entire TechTV (oops, I mean G4TechTV) channel is a joke now..except for Martin Sargeant's show. I loved the Screen Savers and Call for Help and the like but pretty much the new younger hosts of the new shows don't know what they're talking about. It's disappointing.

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i liked the old hosts of the screen savers. i used to watch that show a lot. thier website is freakin hard to navigate. i've seen one episode on tv more than once. they need to get the old hosts back.

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