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bring back metadata to Shoutcast.com

Long long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a previous incarnation of the website called Shoutcast.com that listed the artist and title playing next to the station that was playing it--yep, right there on the Shoutcast Directory. Can we please return to those days? The Icecast Directory has metadata on it. Heck, even the Steamcast Directory has metadata on it! The Shoutcast Directory should do the same...and not just on the desktop version of your site, but on the mobile version(s), too.
Thank you, that is all.
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I continue to see those data that you mention:

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metadata that's missing

That's not what I'm talking about.

When we started webcasting in 2007, and for several years, thereafter...

On Shoutcast.com, on the page showing the stations in a given genre, Shoutcast.com displayed the artist and title spinning next to the name of each station.

Those days are long gone.

The Icecast Directory does it. Why doesn't the Shoutcast Directory do it?
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Just in case you missed it
both shoutcast and winamp are kinda dead.

There has been no development in years and it´s still a miracle that this forum is online
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I'm with Blastbot on this request.
Show the artist and song title in response to a Genre search.
I suspect that half the stations claiming to be playing a particular genre do not, and so for users the search by genre listing is useless now.

So displaying the artist/song would at least give us a hint as to what a station is about.

But as a user, I would suggest adding the ability for listeners to flag stations that falsely advertise their genres just to boost their audience totals. Limit the number of genres you can claim, and allow those to be challenged.
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