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Proxy - IE support

As I use my computer in many locations using different proxy settings, it would be a great benefit to have a possibility of taking use of IE proxy settings (with a hook on a InternetSetOption(IntPtr.Zero, INTERNET_OPTION_SETTINGS_CHANGED, IntPtr.Zero, 0) so that WinAmp receives a proxy update after each IE proxy change).

Another option is to monitor winamp.ini file, so WinAmp notices that proxy setting has changed (instead of overwriting file with in-memory settings as it works in 5.54).

BTW, before Winamp 5.52 if I typed proxy as "//www.proxy.whatever:808" (with "//" in the beginning, like "comment") it was omited by WinAmp, now - 5.52 and 5.54 - proxy like that is unresolved, which means I have to keep my proxy settings in a file and copy-paste it every time I need other settings... Extremaly annoying "feature" as I have such a need a few times a days...
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