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Old 26th June 2008, 05:47   #1
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Great UI Wish 4 New Skining Era ! Opensource genn_ff.dll plugin ! Open API for that !

I'd like to suggest new era for WinAmp UI !!!

is an opinion that Skins in WinAmp becoming heavy and slowly...
many people very often ask developers for new UI functions (like PlayList in Tabs and many more for example ...)

Just imagine...- any panels with any functions, any widgets, any stuff - any UI wish from your dreams !!!

It may come true - with creating perfect skin Plugin like gen_FF.dll !!! which would be more powerful and have more degrees of freedom of your imagine !!!

My suggestion in that - to give part UI development to community , by open API from skinny gen_FF.dll plugin and make it opensource !!!
(I think WinAmp devewlopers only win of that - will have more time fore core of WinAmp )

I like WinAmp.. but i clearly see a great power in skin pligin like gen_ff.dll )), so - any UI element or wish - may come true ...
(It would be much greater then existing chain gen_FF.dll with cPro API ...I'd rather say - its would be supplement each other)

I'd like to see many positive words for that great wish !!!

Thanks to all for support !!!
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You are just rambling, so it is hard to follow. Winamp already supports modern skins, it already has it's on gen_ff.dll. And I know "widgits" is a nice buzz word, but you can pretty much do whatever you want with the skin interface and with the proper scripts.

AOL / Nullsoft has been tweaking the free form skin engine since the days of Winamp3. At a certain point, if it is slow, then it may be time to update your computer, or just use classic skins. And "open source" doesn't make things magically better, more of another one of those buzz-words. Hell, just look at AVS.

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Old 26th June 2008, 07:33   #3
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The idea is in open(source) skining engine (genn_ff.dll) , and developing it together with community to power up and speed up User Interface.
Disigners could be add faster new futures and testing it - it speeds up look and speed and more stuff of WinAmp !!!
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Old 26th June 2008, 11:51   #4
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feel free to make your own open source interface for winamp. You can pretty much do anything with the skinning engine already and or the winamp API.

if you really want to we won't stop you.
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Old 26th June 2008, 13:56   #5
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Therefore I'm and asking to open source gen_ff.dll !
Even not for me ... but for all of us !
,- because all will win of that... Creators - more popularity than usual ... , we - more coolest Interfaces !!!
No one will loose !!!
So why not !?
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Old 26th June 2008, 16:47   #6
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and look what happened when other ui-centric things were opensourced (avs and md1) - nothing pretty much other than ripping the code off for other libraries.

open-sourcing won't help make things since you're missing one important factor... people. just look at how plugins and skins have pretty much died off now (not helped when submission processes fail) or things keep changing which kills the fun for those who do however much for free. it doesn't matter if something is open or closed source and gen_ff won't be opened up due to code-ownership fun (oh no it's the evil corporate entity getting the man down) and it shouldn't matter if it's closed since modern skins just need the apis not the code making the apis.

pretty much i don't see you getting much support on something being done for real since there's a complete lack of interest for people to want to make plugins anymore of the plugin (in the sense of a true plugin and none of the external C# app crap that seems to be going on off late). pretty much if there's no money in it for people then they aren't going to do it - too many plugins that were free have gone shareware/just allowed to die (as to an extent winamp should have been allowed to do but i have no faith in the change of focus that has been placed on the player nowadays). and if people aren't interested in a field then they won't really want to do it (especially for free).

i guess the sarky comment will be "there's enough good programming tutorial books / sites out there for you to get started with yourself" *shrugs* now waiting for the ney-sayers to moan and say 'me too' when they can't do anything themselves.

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Old 27th June 2008, 02:03   #7
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Such a pessimistic opinion (((. And what about... for example, Firefox - people like it exactly for extensibility...

If a skin engine would be free ..., more brave minds of that skinning team will get attention for it and the business will speed up by more steps... .
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