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Remove elements from winamp skin

I use Winamp to listen to internet radio almost exclusively at work, and as such, I really don't need all the control buttons or song position bar to be visible in mini mode, which takes up nearly 50% of the space I have as it's set right now.

I would like to see, in the excellent Bento skin (or possibly all skins as a global Winamp setting), a way to remove/hide certain elements from the mini mode to conserve space.

It doesn't need to be too complex, i.e. the option doesn't need to be available on every button, but certainly the button group as a whole.

Personally, I would only like to see the mini visualizer, the volume control, the songticker, and the program buttons (Menu, Minimize, Maximize, Close, etc). But I imagine that other people would like to remove other things, so if all things were made customizable, that would be perfect.


Also... sometimes the 'Always on top' setting fails. Not sure why, but it does, which requires me to uncheck it, and check it, to get it to work again.
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Do you use the "Show Desktop" function? That behaves like a full-screen program so you need to uncheck "Disable always on top..." in Prefs -> General Preferences.

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All things are customizable in the skin. As you can always sue a different skin, or create your own. Even edit the Modern Skin.


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