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"Who removed my song!?" Auto Remove Duplicates Last in the Playlist

G'day, this is my first post and I realise you're already aware that Winamp rocks so I wont create any head swells.

My problem lies where I had Winamp in use at a cocktail party the other night where my friends selected the songs they want to hear, BUT... if there happens to be several songs doubling up I would use the "Remove all duplicates" feature (which I have hotkeyed as Shift+D) and somehow it always removes the ones first in the list. Which is a shame because people take note of the song before the one that they selected and by this they know when to expect to hear it and if they dont they tend to get cranky and I'm the same if it happens to me.

So if there was a feature that could automatically remove the duplicates that were last cued in the playlists would be fantastic.
I also thought about it and realized that some people may become confused as they see their selected song pop into the end of the cue and then all of a sudden dissapear from the list, so maybe a small popup window saying something along the lines of "Song Already in Playlist Progess - Please select another song".

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