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Url redirection and .m3u files

I have some MP3's on a server that I like to play over http. I created a script that when called:


It will pick a random file and redirect me to that file just fine. I set winamp on loop and it requests this file over and over and gets a new song each time. This works great. Except for one thing. The artist info is not known. Winamp 2.78 just shows the filename, winamp 3 still shows random.php.

So, I had the idea to redirect to a url like:


I can take advantage of some Apache stuff here and stream back an m3u file like:

#EXTINF:-1,Artist - Album - Song

Now, if I play the location directly:


It works. It downloads the m3u file and plays the song. However, if I call http://server.com/random.php and redirect to http://server.com/random.php/Artist/Album/Song.mp3/list.m3u it will not work. I get an error.

Seems like this should work. Maybe it is just me.
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