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Silent Hill 3 49m 11s speed video i made

i recently completed a speed run on a normal new game for silent hill 3,for the computer, with a time of 49 minutes and 11 seconds, on riddle level hard, action level easy. in addition to running the game as fast as i could, i also tried to leave in some of the easter eggs from the game, to enhance the enjoyment of watching,(without wasting more than a few seconds). also, you should know i had to record this demo in 2 instances (i joined them into 1 file). i was using a program called FRAPS to record my playthrough, and my computer ran out of disk space about the time i reached the amusement park for the second time. im telling you this because that means thefirst 2/3 of this movie is one particular run, and the last 1/3 of this movieis a different run. the only reason this is important is because during my second timethrough (i didnt hit record until i got to the amusement park), i found that my fight with leonard went MUCH faster, about a minute faster to be exact, and i wanted to point that out, because in this movie, the leonard boss fight lasts about 1 minute and 38 seconds, but during the ranking screen at the end, its listed as 31 seconds.for some reason he went down after my first shotgun blast (after my sub machine gun) and stayed on the ground so that i could still shoot him, and he quickly died. just thought id point that out, also the missionary boss fight went a little smoother as well.

ANYWAY... here is some stuff you might want to know:

length: 1 hour 8 minutes
size: 296 MB
Video:XviD mpeg-4
Audio:mp3 128kbps

here is this link:


alternate link:


Note: you need to have the .xvid codec installed to view this file, if you dont
already have it. get it here:


this run was captured on the computer, which means there is little to no loading time,compared to if i had run it on a console (yay). i edited this movie using virtual dub.

i made this run because i love this game, it was fun, and someone requested it.

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Meh, Silent Hill doesn't seem like a game to put to a speed record. Try Games like Half-Life or Quake.


Yeah, that's pretty much it. :-\
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Speed runs are for people who "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" in a cowardly fashion.
But if you really think we all want to watch you play with yourself for 49 minutes and 11 seconds, whatever.
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ITS FIXED NOW. these new links work. im using a different site.ive also edited my first post with the new links. im terribly sorry about the previous link.

these new links are on a different site, filefront, and should work now. ive also submitted a request to them about keeping my file permenantly (sort of like archive.org, only for gaming related things) im really very sorry for the delay, and i am anxious to share this video with you guys.

remember, you need the xvid codec to play this movie. if you still have problems, you might want to try using a media player called Media Player Classic, available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/ (scroll down on the page and its there) if you still have problems you might want to try another codec pack called FFDSHOW availabe at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow

please excuse the postponement and enjoy : )
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What was the point, if you dont mind my asking.
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