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23 Minutes

If you get a chance please check this out….
An incredible Testimony of Bill Wiese and his 23 minute trip to Hell. Bill was placed in Hell, not as a casual observer, but as someone who was not saved. He recounts all the horrid details with such precision that it captivates the listener from start to finish. If you haven't heard these testimonies, stop everything and hear them. They will permanently altered your outlook on life. My prayer life moved away from "Lord, bless me here and bless me there," to "Souls, Souls, Souls for Jesus" Jesus came to save us from unspeakable doom, and your love for Him will grow once you hear what He saved us from.
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Sounds like bunch of babble to me
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Heh, a christspambot named after Jay Ryan?

The site is great though.
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I thought he was going to start babbling about that terrible movie with Jim Carey.

Go read a book without pictures
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dont diss jim please, i like him, although i'm not a fan of him since his standup days, his movies like Pet Detective, Mask, Dumb&dumber and Liar Liar really show how good his comedy is, since most of them he wrote or co-wrote with others, i'm sure he directed many other successful movies as well

eh, enough.... no more babbling.... *goes back to his porn*
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I'm not a real fan of his flamboyance. It's just too much for me - makes me want to throw a large brick at the screen when he gets too eccentric. I have seen him do good scenes, but the above mentioned stuff just seems to ruin it for me. I just seem to want to shout [extra bold and huge][capslock] make it stop! [/capslock][/extra bold and huge]

That's just personal opinion though - I can still respect people that see that sort of stuff as entertaining rather than annoying.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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