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ATF defunct without refresh & does not apply to media library view

I'm getting some unexpected and inconsistent behavior from the Advanced Title Formatting.

I'm on 5.66 with Windows 10 on a Surfacebook using the Big Bento skin -- though this behavior is reproducible on the Winamp Classic and Modern skins as well as a few other skins I've tried.

My ATF string is:

[$padcut(%artist%,16) ]$if2($padcut(%title%,23)[ $padcut(%album%,20)],$filepart(%filename%))

I'm attempting to get what is effectively tab delimited "table" view in my playlist and media library panes. However, the ATF seems to be limited to only the Playlist Editor pane despite my understanding that Winamp should be trying to apply title formatting the Media Library pane as well?

If that is not the case, that sucks but I'll look for workarounds.

The other issue is that the ATF does not seem to "save". It will apply when I enter the string or when I edit it by making a trivial change like adding or removing a space and Winamp refreshes its titles post change. But, when I close and re-open Winamp, it will revert back to the default ATF string behavior even though the preferences show the change being made properly. I assume this is something to do with a mistake in how Winamp is writing to its configuration file but I haven't been able to wrangle it.

Below I've attached two photos, the first is how it looks when I boot up Winamp after closing:

The second is how it looks after I've refreshed the formatting, displaying the inconsistent formatting application. The desired formatting is shown in the Playlist Editor on the right vs. the default formatting in the Media Library in the Center:

Anyone with ideas or familiar with similar issues, your input would be greatly appreciated!
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I have been tempering with ATF lately a lot and only found this issue with it: http://forums.shoutcast.com/showthre...63#post3150263

But I do not use Media Library so cannot attest to ATF in it; and I am a Windows 7 x64 user
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