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How to replace use of WinAmp 2 API

I've previously made an application that used Winamp to play songs and so. That is, my application launched winamp and told it what to play, when to play etc.
For this I used the hwnd API in Winamp 2, but now with Winamp 3 this have been removed.
How do I 'remote control' Winamp 3 from my application? I am aware of the plugin someone is developing that gives me some of the functionality, but I would prefer not to use it. Partly because it doesn't give me all the functionality I had with the API.
Anyone who can give me a short intro or a URL where I can read how to do this?
Thanks alot
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Since I'm making some sort of remote controlling Winamp from another application, I had your same trouble.

Basically (and I guess the winamp 2.x compatibility plug-in does the same), you create an "oldwinamp" Win32 window in your component, which receives SendMessages from your external application and processes them in its window procedure. Then you can assign messages received to whatever they did in the old days, for example a play message would call core->play() and so on.

Problem is, up to now I don't think it's possible to replicate the entire API, expecially for remote controlling purposes. I'm stuck when it comes to load files or urls, since SelectFile (which would be the Wasabi way to pick files) doesn't show properly (since Winamp is not the active application, as you're remotely controlling it from another program). More, making a Win32 GetOpenFileName to retrieve file names to be played has brought my Winamp 3 to total destruction (assertion failed on successive loading of the player, I had to reinstall it).

This is my experience with remote controlling, I hope someone in the forum will be able to tell you more.
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If you're using a developer build (> 489 or so) you can just run "winamp3.exe /action=play" to hit PLAY. Other actions include "prev,next,stop,pause". Make sure "allow multiple instances" is OFF, though.

I'm gonna post the source to my ATI Remote Wonder plugin when I get the chance, it works in this way.

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Is there a vol up and vol down alternative to this?
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I think the format is "/action=volume,n", where n can be "+5" or "-8" or whatever. It's all relative to current volume.

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