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Secure MP3 Stream

I have my own webpage set up that serves my CDs over the internet via M3Us. (www.pancake.org .. check out zina)

I am wondering if it is possible to send this stream securely, so my traffic cannot be sniffed. I don't know anything about encryption... If I use the https protocol, will winamp be able to play the songs? Where does SSL fit in? Am in entirely in the wrong place?!?
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I'm in the same boat, and I know there are a lot of other ppl in here as well. Although many of them haven't realized it yet...

Guycouch, SSL support is exactly what winamp NEEDS. And perhaps even a little basic http authentication such as htaccess control. I can't imagine these requests would be difficult to act upon...

Being the one who is usually sitting behind the sniffer, I can't stand it when I know my actions can be watched... Why in the hell would I want to the entire world (or some punk kid who works for my local ISP) to have free access to my cd/mp3 collection?

And this argument needs to be addressed by the various p2p developers too!!! How long do you think it will be before the RIAA and such get a wiretap order approved to allow them to sit on a nice fat UUnet backbone and quietly collect statistics (read: your usernames, your ip's, your downloads, etc.,) as they gear up for a their next round of cease-and-desist orders, or worse yet, subpoenas... Ok, with any luck, most judges would realizes that crosses some boundaries, but wait, AOL/Time Warner... hummm they don't even need a courts approval...

Ok, enough of my babblings.
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calling all plugin developers!

many of us are in the same boat on this issue. there are many great reasons why we need to secure these streams.


1) i don't want the folks at my workplace knowing exactly what i'm listening to (or even the fact that i *am* listening to streams from my home network)

2) i don't want my ISP watching every file of my entire CD collection stream across their network. how long will it be until your ISP's records are requested in a court case? how far back will those records go?

3) my CD collection is my own. not yours. it's illegal for you to listen to a copy of my music that i made for myself (even if you own that CD). if we don't encrypt our streams, than we are allowing anyone to sniff that stream, and listen to copyrighted music.

4) Wifi. i have an AP. my traffic couldnt be more accessible. but if my stream was secure...

lets get a discussion going about this. i've put a lot of hours into searching around for mp3 playing applications that work over ssl, and found nothing. how hard would it be to implement? how about generic solutions that would read a secure stream and decode it on the fly, to any local mp3 player on the machine.

hopefully, we'll all look back on this issue, and be embarassed we waited this long for secure streams.
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I'm down for adding it to Winamp3/Wasabi if someone wants to write it and open the source. I honestly don't know what all is involved, though. Surely there's some opensource https lib out there? The next SDK will have the httpread.wac source (it's mostly just a wrapper on jnetlib anyway) so it could be added in there, or done as its own filereader as well.

(Edit: found openssl.org, looks nice, anybody interested?)

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