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sony is putting out a new phone ... for games. (music, movies, etc... + you can call your mom.) im not sure if they will support it as if its sony hardware. if they do, isnt a second portable system sort of counterintuitive? spreading themselves thin?


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Awwwww Damnit thats just mean

Earlier this week a report about a new silver streamlined ps(2) that had a firmware update was having problems playing a number of psx and ps2 games. "sony forgot how to make ps2's" when asked weather or not this would at all effect the upcoming realease of the ps3. the sony rep couldnt dodge and said ~~~"we are doing everything we can to make sure the ps3 is as backwards compatable as possible." that just sucks.

if you havent got a ps2 yet these are games you probably wont get to play.

PlayStation 2 format software
Title Name Publisher
Tekken 5 (SLPS-25510)
Ai Yori Aoshi (SLPS-25224 and SLPS-25225)
F1 2001 (SLPS-20120)
F1 2002 (SLPS-20199)
Gauntlet Dark Legacy (SLPM-62125)
Hitman: Contracts (SLPS-25406)
Racing Battle C-1 Grand Prix (SLPM-65897)
Stylish Mahjong Usagi Double Pack (SLPM-62571)
Usagi: Yasei no Topai (SLPS-20207)

ATV Offroad Fury™ 3 SCEA
Big Mutha Truckers™ THQ
Big Mutha Truckers™ 2 THQ
Everquest® Online Adventures: Frontiers™ Sony Online Entertainment
F1 2001 Electronic Arts
F1 2002 Electronic Arts
Fight Night Round 2 Electronic Arts
Ghost Recon™: Jungle Storm™ (Tom Clancy's) Ubi Soft
Major League Baseball 2K5 (ESPN) Take Two
SRS: Street Racing Syndicate™ Namco
Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 2005 Electronic Arts
Tomorrow Never Dies (007) Electronic Arts

PlayStation format software
Title Name Publisher
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Eidos
Akuji: The Heartless Crystal Dynamics
Barbie: Race and Ride Mattel
Broken Helix Konami
Bubsy® 3D Accolade
Driver GT Interactive
Gundam Battle Assault Bandai
Hive, The Trimark
Hooters: Road Trip Ubi Soft
In Cold Blood™ Dreamcatcher
Jampack Vol. 2 SCEA
Land Before Time™: Great Valley Racing Adventure™ Sound Source Interactive
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Working Designs
NHL® 2000 Electronic Arts
NHL® 2001 Electronic Arts
NHL® Blades of Steel® 2000 Konami
NHL® Rock the Rink Electronic Arts
Nuclear Strike™ Electronic Arts
One ASC Games
PO'ed Accolade
Powerboat Racing (VR Sports) Interplay
Rascal Psygnosis
Rush Down Electronic Arts
Sentient™ Psygnosis
Speed Punks SCEA
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo Capcom
Syphon Filter™ 2 SCEA
Syphon Filter™ 3 SCEA
UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship™ Crave Entertainment
Worms™ Ocean of America

for some reason i have a feeling that once the ps3 comes around this list will grow quite a bit.

http://www.gamespot.com/news/6136677.html article on gamespot.
http://www.us.playstation.com/Consum...les_75001.html consumer alert on sony site.

bleh red = edit/additions to list tekken 5???

i cant see why they would do this either for security but more likely the ps3 is turning out to be hugely incompatable with current and older games and they are just tying to make sure their bubble doesnt pop and this new silver ps2 is just cusion for the fall. its even the same color that they usually dipict the ps3 as.

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damn with all those lies, faulty products, and plain bad business karma can be a bitch. sony is fast on its way to bankruptsy. sony is guilty of hiding rootkit viruses in some of their software. so they can also expect to add on a number of additional lawsuits including a monumental one by microsft to their already substantial collection from disatisfied costomers.

Putting all the mounting lawsuits against SOny's rootkit aside(we all know MS is going to pounce as well as the hundreds of other class actions being put together)

I took a look at sonys Q2 2005 financial report. Keep in mind, within the letter of the law, companies spin these things to look as nice to investors as possible, so you really have to read between the lines. Anyways, if you feel like verifying what I say, take a look at it for yourself. http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/fin...r/05q2_sony.pdf

Point blank, things dont look so Rosy for sony.

1) The gaming division made crap for being the companies bread winner as of late. With a profit of 73 million USD. ( I know that sounds big, but compared to some of their loses and gains, its nothing.
2) BMG, Sony-Erricson and MGM all lost money ( but not tons, all < 100 million)
3) Sony Financial ( good, who knew this existed... apparantly Sony sells insurance... ) mad a cubic assload of money apparantly. A net gain of 354 mil. Guess Japans insurance is just a crooked as ours [Smile]
4) Sony Electronics reported a net gain of 153 mil USD... with a HUGE but. Ill get to that in a bit.
5) Sony Pictures (movies) lost 59 mil. Oh, and they blame Stealth [Big Grin]
6) BMG lost 29 mil
7) Cashflow went from 5.2 BIL to 4.6B since start of 2005.
revinue growth by region since start of year. Japan -.4%, US -2.4%, Europe -4.8%, Other +1.2%
9) Finally, from sonys own wording, they expect to lose about 20 billion yen in 2006.

Now, time for the but. All, and pretty much I do mean ALL of their numbers are padded by the sale of their pension fund to the Japanese Government. They are very upfront about it. It represents 560 mil USD in profit against all divisions. You take that out of the loop, and sony had one CRAPTASTIC year. In the tune of a 400 - 500 million dollar loss, with predictions of another 200 billion yen loss next year. All told, not good. Plus, a company selling off pension funds is never a good sign.

So, basically, sony is sitting on about 4.6 billion dollars right now, and is burning it at about 1/2 bil a year. If the PS3 is launched at a major loss, this burn rate could go way up ( figure a 100$ per unit subsidy on the PS3 and shipping 10mil units before you can get that number down, costs you a billion dollars a year)

So, frankly, yeah. Sony is vulnerable, and the PS3 has cost them an assload to develop ( > 2 bil ), and if rumours are right they are selling it at a loss. All told, sony could go bankrupt very easily within a few years.

Ironically, sony could bankrupt itself if the PS3 is too successful. If they sell to many units at a loss, they may go broke before they have a few years to ride the gains back up. Then again, im sure they would control this through the supply chain.

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I wouldn't mind seeing Sony crash and burn...
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this article talks about how sony and microsoft made some bad decisions in designing their respective boxes. its a bit technical but it made enough sense to even me.


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