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recommend an "FFx" type rpg game for me please!

looking to broaden my horizons beyond pron and kids music (i'm 20)....

i was amazed by the FFx series of games.. and was lucky to have a friend that let me play FF8 which was a treat for mui because i like fighting monsters\cast spells and the turn based action is mind blasting (and challenging)!

edit: (if anyone's asking, i flunked fighting Diablos and killed my GFs, but thats because Diablos was too hard for me and i didnt train enough)

i'm looking for games like it for PC right now (too cheap to buy PS2 still)

thank you.
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well after 7 all finalfantasy's came in pc versions. save that, another well loved game would be knights of the old republic. beyond that im not sure. ive never been into the pc scene since my pc's have never been up to par. does digital devil saga have a pc version? but for the whole turn based against huge great looking monsters with strategy and what not; you have to go with final fantasy. from what ive seen any way. not saying that ive seen alot.

http://www.n-next.com/famitsuff3.jpg final fantasy in 3d for ds :gasp: check ds thread

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Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System.


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