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listener times / dynamic reconfig

First Question:

Do you find that most listeners tune in for say, 3-5 minutes or so and then reconnect?

Reason I ask is that I'm getting a lot of them and I wonder if they're real people or some automated tool.

When I was on live365, seemed listeners would generally stick around for 15+ minutes, (perhaps due to the hassles of switching stations?) are shoutcast listeners generally more fickle, hopping around a bit more?

I don't really mind (I'm just happy they're checking me out :-) ), but it would be nice to know if there were some network issue.

Would anyone even bother rip a 56k stream?

Second Question:

Is it possible to change configuration w/out restarting the server each time? I'd like to increase/reduce the max listeners as well as change the intro file without restarting the server.

I tried: kill -HUP $pid

But that didn't seem to reload the conf file, just flush the logs.
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Can't help on the first question but for the second:

Use kill -WINCH pid

That will get the introfile but not the MaxUser. See the readme for a list of variables updated with the -WINCH


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I think I can help with the first question - my knowledge, however, is based on what I have read on here.

Some people use streamrippers to acquire music - it isn't a subject we discuss at great length on here - they can be programmed to get recordings of certain tunes and, when it hears a station playing that tune, it logs in for about a second and records the whole song.

It doesn't account for bitrates - even if you sounded like a telephone, it wouldn't matter.

I've known people make tapes from AM stations, even when the same programme was also on FM - a 56 kbps internet stream is superior even to FM at times!

Arthur Leslie Vasey
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