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It's been a while (almost two years, actually) since I meandered on over to this strange and colorful corner of the internet. I come to you after a long journey much wisened with a much broader vocabulary of mathishness and C++. I actually got the idea to use milkdrop as practice for a trig class, and this semester I decided to just do it - practice is gooooood.

Greetings to Flexi, Fed, Martin, Hexcollie, stahlregen, ShadowHarlequin, yhscchpcbr, shifter, Cope, and all the others I remember fondly. I hope that not too many of you have been banned for horribly derailing threads and that you're all still milking hard.

And greetings to the faces who are new to me, though it looks like some of you have been here for quite a while.

Right now I don't have any new presets to share since I've only just restarted my own milking habit, but hopefully in the next couple of days I'll find time between the girlfriend, work, and all my classes to sit down and melt for a bit to the visual tune of milkdrop. When I get that inspiration I'll post the results up here.

edit: I found one of my old threads! Some of these will probably be used as starting points. I'll most likely just be tweaking and improving some of these to start with. Suggestions for which one to start with?


I am the purple heathen.

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i love you, i love milkdrop, i love art, thank you for making great art my man, and it's so awesome you've been improving your maths / programming

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Saint Goody
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It took me a bit longer than I expected, but I finally found a few free minutes to play with it again and decided to spend some time tweaking and cleaning up an old effect I was playing with before I stopped before. Didn't set out with anything in particular in mind, so it's still a bit messy, but I'm happy with it.

I think I've gotten right to where I want to be with the comp shader's color effect. I'll need to do some cleaning in there when I have the time and I'm more awake than my current been-drinking-it's-midnight-and-I've-gotta-get-up-early situation allows.

I pretty much cut out all of the beat response from this one to tweak the effect, then decided that when it's finished I want something more smooth than it was previously. I'm thinking about driving that gradual color inversion with the music, but everything I've thrown at it has ended up being a bit too jerky for the transition effect I'm going for. Now I'm so tired that my attempts are just getting irrational, i.e. I'm just holding print screen during slow songs.

Blagh. If anyone wants to take a crack at it I'd be glad to see the result.

BONUS!!! I decided to tie the new per frame effect in with an old favorite collaboration. Here's to Flexi.

I am the purple heathen.
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