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Your contributions to the ShoutCast community have been terrific! I would never take that away from you.

But I do have a major problem with you!

You walk around here telling me and everybody how I am flaming you and taking shots at you. Well here's your chance to get it all out you wannabe.

You walk around posting all this "Self esteem building" nonsense about yourself and then don't have anything to back it up? Everyone knows how easy it is to hide behind a monitor, puff your chest up to something you really are not and then quickly get deflated when someone calls you out.

Take Monday for example, I asked you to simply stop posting your garbage about the "Top 50" BS in the forum, and if I do recall, THEMike and a few others asked you to stop it as well and you got offended, accused me of flaming you, and well your right, then I lit the bonfire under your ass! You want to be a smartass and puff your chest up in the forum, be my guest, but be prepared to have your ass toasted.

I think your contributions in here are great, but, keep your ego in check boy!

Now, onto part two.

I have a little issue with your "Signature". I believe I have been using the "Best 56K" tagline for about 8 months. Is this just a mockery of our station or do you seriously think you have the best sounding 56K station on the Net. If you do, well that's great, best of luck to you. But try to be a little more original in your Taglines. It's not polite to steal other's tagline. For example, How About if I stole THEMikes tagline and tweaked it just a little.

I had a listen to your station (When I could get it to work) and I must disagree with you on the sound quality, it's very weak, you miss a lot of the Lows, Mids and Highs, it sounds like your cramming the music down a Paper Towel roll. And that's not flaming you, that's stating my opinion and you are more than welcome to take a go at my Station and write your comments about it.

So anyways, with that said, I welcome all shots, flames and criticism either posted here or you may e-mail me at djconfusion@ververadio.net !

I am fair game, just like everyone else!

Spread the Lov*E*

Wrangler Radio - Today's Hot Country Hits
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Ok, you have registered that you don't like his sig ripping on yours, and you don't like his top 50 posts.

This kind of posts (and your posts in the other thread, that I will now remove as they will destroy that thread) should be kept between users, not shared with the forum.

Take issue with each other privatley, not here, not spoiling it for the other users.

This goes for anyone else that has an issue with an individual.

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Come on guys, can't we just all get along? I'd like to think of us as one big, happy family. So you're both grounded until you stop arguing. Go to your room!
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