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Fun with old stuff

It's merely an example, so don't flame me for framerate independency, looking awful with loud music etc.

I just wanted to share this effect with you all.


wow, this subforum is becoming a n00b zone with everyone gone
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Fyi. There is a bug with the Video Delay effect, when you load a preset with it, it's always going to set it's delay at 10-frames, but once you activate it from the menu it works at the specified framerate again

Anyway, even for the old-school and whatnot i don't quite find the appeal in this preset, sorry

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It's pretty wild, that's for sure...

Ironically, I actually think I like it better with the Video Delay set to ten frames.

Just for the fun of it, I added a "Slight Fuzzify" Movement right after the other Movement. That gives it a rather weird texture. I think it looks cool, especially combined with a Channel Shift (OnBeat Random) added before the Dot Fountain to add color. (And, afterwards, if you -really- want to get funky, try adding an Invert at the very end of the preset. Whoa, the colors, man!)

Yeah, I might add a remix of this to my set, after a little more experimenting.
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It just goes to show that you don't need fancy filters or apes to get "organic" effects.

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