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I downloaded some game plugins and have installed them. I just don't know how they are suppose to work. Everytime I start one it just brings me the minibrowser, but I never see anything that deals with the game.
Please explain to me how it works. Thanks.

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WildTangent Tech support:
winampgame@wildtangent.com www.wildtangent.com/support/

However, there's been a fair few posts on the forums already regarding this, including some from a WT rep.
My advice is that you use this site's search facility and search "All Forums" for "WildTangent". There's over 20 threads to choose from.
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In case you don't find the other post or email us, here is the answer to your question.

WildTangent program manager

How to start the game if it isn't coming up in the Mini-Browser when you select it from the menu?

In a few cases we have found that the games aren't automatically loading into the minibrowser when selected. We are still tracking down a configuration that this problem replicates reliably. Until we replicate the problem and can supply a fix, below is the work around that will get games to load.

You will need to supply the path to the game from the mini-browser.

* From the mini-browser menu select "Open Internet Location" (Ctrl+O)
* From the "Open Location" dialog enter the path to the game.
* If your path to the WinAmp directory is different from the default path, you will need to modify the default directory paths supplied below to reflect how your system is set up.

Default paths to WinAmp games:

C:/Program Files/WINAMP/games/Arcade/BlasterBall/game.html
C:/Program Files/WINAMP/games/Arcade/SpaceRocks/game.html
C:/Program Files/WINAMP/games/Racing/Speedway/game.html
C:/Program Files/WINAMP/games/Arcade/GemMaster/game.html
C:/Program Files/WINAMP/games/Arcade/PigPen/game.html
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One thing that I have found is that you may need to be connected to the internet if you use a dial-up connection. Some reason, winamp's minibrowser wants to connect to the net before you can play. If you don't want to connect just to play a quick game, go into winamp's Preferences/Options/Setup and tell it that you use a LAN Internet Connection. I can't see anything that would be bad about telling winamp that you have a LAN when you don't. This worked for me, (of course I now have a Cable Modem).
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