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I saw the plugin wild tangent on the best plugins list so I thought this could be cool a free game. Well the game doesnt play and I have recieved unplesant feedback about trying to get rid of it. there are no problems as of yet but I wonder. does anyone know what to do?
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If your interested, we can do some toublshooting to see if we can get the game to work on your system. Email me (winampgame@wildtangent.com) with the specifics of how far you got with the plug-in and we can work from there.

Info below for uninstall and other stuff.

- Libby
To uninstall the plug-in... here are the steps to doing so http://www.wildtangent.com/support/sup_userfaq.php3#17

to delete the games, find the 'Games' directory under WinAmp and delete it.

The updater;
- this is used for product support and someday will be used for delivering subscription based episodic games. It is *not* an evil empire tracking your system type thing. The WildTangent WebDriver is a technology for delivering cool, fun, kick-ass 3D products such as games and visualizers. We aren't into tracking personal data, that stuff is boring, it is more fun to blow peoples minds away with ass kicking games that are small in size. However, supporting 3D drivers is difficult and we figured being able to provide support through an updater would be an easier approach than sending people off to download patches. So why does the WildTangent WebDriver report into the mama server... it checks the home server is to see if there has been any new releases of the WebDriver for fixing bugs or problems.

How do I know... I work at WildTangent and frankly we could care less about collecting personal info. Technologies that do that are a dime a dozen and rather unpopular... WildTangent is focused on cool infrastructure technology to make 3D on the web more fun and usable. If you don't trust us, just turn off the WildTangent updater through the control panel or uninstall us through the steps listed at http://www.wildtangent.com/support/sup_userfaq.php3#17

As for not having an uninstaller.... we got so caught up in building technology, games and visualizers that we didn't get the uninstaller done in time for the shipping of WebDriver 1.0. We are working on it and hope to have it available when WebDriver 2.0 ships.

- at install time, we tell you about the updater and what it is doing. It is worded in the meanest and nastiest way possible to ensure that people who do not want any software reporting in to the home server are aware that 'something' is going on and will opt out of the install. Here is a link to the Privacy statement http://www.wildtangent.com/products/aud_privacy.php3

If you do have questions or concerns about the WebDriver, updater or the games, please email us at winampgame@wildtangent.com or email me Libby@wildtangent.com I'm interested in listening to feedback and to help you get the games/visualizers running or, if neeed, to help you uninstall the product if it isn't working for you.

Program manager (among other various management stuff)

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Whoops, the Wild Tangent rep beat me by 2 minutes, so nevermind ...

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