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Nullsoft WaveOut plug-in settings...

Is there any sort of guide to what this stuff means? Or could somebody post a little FAQ? I don't really know what the dials in the thing mean. I mean, there's options to play with but I don't know what they do! The possibilities!

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The options provided in the Advanced Settings area can be tweaked a little for optimum performance (i.e. low memory usage, while most skip-proof ).

After the years, I made some experience whilst playing around with several settings. For optimum performance, even on a P2-233 MMX with a Soundblaster PCI soundcard, I would recommend the following settings:

Priority: Highest (if you have a fast (600+ Mhz) system and a decent PCI soundcard, you can leave it at Normal or Above Normal.

Maximum blocks: I would set it to either 12 or 16. Set it lower (such as to 8, but I would not go any lower) if you have a fast CPU and a decent soundcard, once again. If you have skipping problems, set it beyond 16 (like 24 or even 32).

Max blocksize: The default is 32kb. I would set it to 24kb in order to improve seeking and visualization reaction. Once again, if you have skipping problems, increase this value (like to 48kb or 64kb, if it's serious skipping).

Min blocksize: The default is 8kb. If you set it lower, e.g. to 6kb, it will improve visualization and seeking a bit. I would not set it beyond 16kb, unless you experience serious skipping problems.

As for the buffer lengh, the default 2000ms should be alright, unless you have a slow CPU (300 Mhz and below) and not much RAM available (less than 64 MB). I would set it to 4000ms to minimize skipping, if any.


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