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How to detect when mouse is over a layout or group ?

I would want to detect when the mouse is over the player or not but it looks like onEnterArea / onLeaveArea are not working for layouts nor groups :/

I'm currently using this code
PHP Code:
isovershade.onTimer() {
int x mainbackgroundalphashade.getMousePosX();
int y mainbackgroundalphashade.getMousePosY();

&& <= MainShadeGrp.getWidth() && && <= MainShadeGrp.getHeight()) {
ov == 0){
ov 1;
    } else if(
ov == 1) {
ov 0;
animateresizew(textoverlayshade8, -16);

mainbackgroundalphashade is the group with the background image, it's all the width and height so I can calculte when the mouse is in this area, if someone has a better alternative (without timer it would be great)

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your best bet is to create a small skin and use onEnterArea / onLeaveArea for a layout and group to prove theyr not working, so they can be fixed in a future build

avoid the timer if you can imo
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onEnterArea and onLeaveArea work for GUIObjects and classes derived from there.
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