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Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci
Jimi Hendrix
Steve Howe
Al Di Meola
John McLaughlin
Paco de Lucia
Me (Right.)

End of thread.

Well, three of them are not "rock guitarists" so shoot me.
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Psycho Puppet
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A lot of guitarists listed..I guess it really boils down to preference.

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Jon Deaux
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Ok, I thought about it.
Since Dick Dale is STILL the only human who melts guitar picks on stage I'm gonna have to agree with Leo Fender....Dick Dale is the best guitar player ever.

"Nothing really matters much to me"-Freddie Mercury
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Originally posted by rm'

No one really "owns" a thread. As soon as you decide to share your opinions on this forum, you risk being concurred with, disagreed with, or even ignored. This is a public place; as much as you have a right to give an opinion, others do as well.

If you look over the original question again, it reads in two parts:
Who is the best guitarist ever? Don't mention Tool or something because I mean like real rock not alternative with just heavy chords and no riffs.

Now, this is open to interpretation, but the way I'm sure UJ read it, as did I, the first part was most important: Who is the best guitarist ever? The second is just a polite jab at alternative enthusiasts, calling the likes of Tool not "real rock".

Because virtually all replies ended up with a rock artist, it only seemed sensible to assume that everybody was limiting their selves to the (very) limited world of rock guitar. There is much more to the guitar then that, as UJ so clearly pointed out. UJ, I don't think you need to apologize. If you can see the musical world beyond rock, more power to you. You've got a right to that opinion.
Your points, while obvious, are valid. I still stand by my original observation that a statement like "Surprised at how limited most peoples musical outlook is (or maybe I'm not)" based on the opinions expressed in ONE (1) single thread is short-sighted and irresponsible. I found it insulting, but I didn't go sulk in a corner, nor am I angry at ujay in anyway. It was a simple observation. Period. That said, I'm finished here. No need for anyone to get their panties in a bunch.


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The Big Andowski
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I'm likin all these music threads..

Kirk Hammett from 'Tallica...Hendrix of course..um SRV (what i heard from him is awesome)..hmm..Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains..and the guy from Pearl Jam i forgot his name..I guess I'm just naming guys from my favorite bands. Oh well. I dunno I can't think of any more...oh yeah Jimmy Page(sp?)..ok I'm done.

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Originally posted by capitan3
Who is that guy that, makes his guitar talk
Peter Frampton can do that.
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All the usual suspects eh, I say,
Earl Slick
Bill Nelson
Dick Wagner
Robert Quine
and a mention for the sadly missed Mick Ronson.

Could I also say Eric Clapton is the most over rated guitarist in the rock world, that guy could put his own mother to sleep.
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The guitarist from Radiohead, Ed O'Brian.

He had some talent, most of his good stuff was on Pablo Honey and The Bends.
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I don't know why there's any discussion, Randman said it all...I was surprised it took that long for anyone to remember "OH YEAH! I forgot about GOD..."

Other than that, for pure skill I have to mention Don Felder...And the two guitarists from Wind Machine (Steve Mesple and Joe Scott) are pretty damn good too

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than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings
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Originally posted by phisherman
Kurt Cobain and, eh heh, Trey Anastasio
Yes, Kurt is one of the most respected ever, especially since he was MURDERED (yes, MURDERED!) but I'm not so sure if he's the best. I haven't heard to many complicated rock riffs and solos from him. I really like Nirvana but I think the simple style of Kurt's is one sign what would happen later on in his life. He, a little-above-average guitar player couldn't deal with the pressure of the celebrity life. He once made Courtney return a Lexus that she bought because he was embarressed to drive somthing so expensive.

I like Tool and alternative bands like that but they are alternative. That means it is not the same as riff rock with guitar solos and complex fingerings and trills and things like that. It is usually really heavy and just rhythm strumming on the guitar.

I forgot about some guys I said I would forget. The guy from Pearl Jam is good, but I hate Eddie Vedder's singing. He sings like a freakin retard. I don't know too much about Jerry Cantrell but I heard he is good. I like his singing. I guess that Joe Satriani really is a guitar god, so tonite I will get some MP3s of him.

dawg, I post these because I have nothing else to do all day and it is fun to argue.

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