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Issues streaming to chrome...

So I have built http://radio-craft.net from the ground up around a shoutcast server using the latest DNAS settings. I am having issues with only one browser playing the shoutcast via an HTML5/flash fallback system.

Wait you're thinking, that doesn't sound like a SHOUTCast issue but at this point after swapping out multiple players I've isolated it down to the server in some aspect is not serving it in a way that Chrome likes. I've already hit the various player forums as well as stackoverflow trying to get a feel for whats causing this not to work.

I can include the configs if requested but the strangest thing is that all this worked correctly before a re-install of the OS was done. Trying to see if anyone can take a look and provide any feedback on what might be causing it.
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i've tried your player in the current public build of chrome and it worked fine. i see you're using a v2 DNAS and it doesn't appear to exhibit any of the known configuration issues which can cause streams to not work so i would suggest you need to better clarify _how_ your determining that things are not working as so far it looks correct to me.

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