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Is it possible to convert *.wam, .ra files to wav using winamp?
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Prefs -> Output -> Disk Writer
Configure to choose Output Dir.
Remember to reselect "WaveOut" or "DirectSound" afterwards.

See TSGH Forum for more info & tips

ps. I take it you meant "WMA" not "WAM"

pps. You'll need Innover's Real Plug-in to play RA files in Winamp.

It'd be better to convert to MP3 rather than WAV
[unless you've got loads of HDD space]


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levo -

Also, WMA is a stupid "secure" format, and current versions of Winamp do not support normal WMA-to-WAV conversion, because of legal restrictions in the Micro$hit licensing agreement.

There are third-party programs that do this, or you can try to track down an old version of Winamp (or just the WMA input plugin from an old version), depending upon how much effort you want to put into this.
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You can convert WMA into Wav using CoolDecode

WMA remains a stupid format anyway.


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Read these two threads for more/better info:
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