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Import from iTunes failure (Library on different drive)

Long story short: I've got me the latest winamp, latest iTunes, but I've consolidated the itunes library on Drive D:\ instead of C:\.

Dragging the itunes library XML from the C:\Users\user\Music\iTunes folder does nothing, clicking "Import from iTunes" does nothing, "0 items in 0.001 sec."
and my itunes media folder directory is D:\Users\user\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media instead of on the C: Drive. I think it's trying to search for it in the C: drive music Directory because there is an itunes folder in there but it's empty. Any way to make it target the real one instead? Winamp is installed on the D: drive because I thought that'd solve it.

Apparently reminants of my C: drive library in itunes are still there such as the preferences and such.

So I painstakingly moved the whole thing back to the C:\ drive. Still zero results, and now I've lost my itunes playlists.
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Same issue here, but found a workaround:
Import iTunes xxx does not work for me as well, but using the option "Import Media Database" and then manually selecting the correct path to the file "iTunes Library.xml" does work. WinAmp then reads all my audiofiles and they can be used in WinAmp.

The Playlists-Import needed a workaround.
You can select one playlist in iTunes and then select File - Library - Export Playlist. Choose m3u or m3u8 filetype. Doing so, you need to export one playlist after the other.
In WinAmp, simply select Playlist view, and at the bottom of the screen select Import - Import playlists from folder - and choose the folder where all the m3u-files are located. This will import all playlists.
There is a tool available here
or search for itunes export.
Be sure to choose version 2.2.2 as an earlier version did not export all playlists.
There is one version with GUI which needs AIR installed, and one commandline-version which needs Java installed. Both did work perfect for me. It exported all playlists in one go and had a lot of interesting options.
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