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New Laptop

The hard drive on my laptop is about to die. I went to Best Buy today (I'm not a big fan of Best Buy but they're the only store in the area besides Staples that has this type of stuff, but will go back if I have to) to see about purchasing a new hard drive. My current laptop is already on its second hard drive, has an external DVD drive because its internal one died, and has the battery life of about 20 minutes.

Basically, my computer is on life support. When I was glancing around at some of the prices of laptops these days, I decided I'd rather buy a new laptop than keep putting money into this shell of a computer. It's already four years old; it's time to pull the plug.

I am on a fairly small budget, I can't spend any more than $700. I can put $200 down but I'll need to finance the rest.

I have right now an emachines M5405 notebook with 15.4" widescreen, 512 MB DDR, 2800 AMD Sempron, and an 80 GB hard drive. It's pretty dated, so anything will be an improvement. The cheaper the better. The only real requirement that I have is that I would like a similar screen size, can be a little bigger just not much smaller.

Any recommendations for a machine and for a place to purchase?

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