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Milkdrop Benchmarks

If anybody has benchmarks for Milkdrop, please either point me to the thread that contains them and do to this thread what's necessary, or post them here, stating the system used in much the same way as you'd file a bug report (CPU, RAM, Graphics card, sound card, motherboard, Windows version, drivers version, Winamp and Milkdrop version).

I've been unable to find any benchmark results that would (sort of) help in me getting a new graphics card. Milkdrop's not key, but I like the eyecandy it provides , and my system's sorta capable at the moment of 640x480x32@30fps fullscreen, but would like a higher resolution and to crank the frame rate up, and other options.
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amd x2 3800 x800gtx 1gb ram full res 2048 high tex etc 1920x1200 about 10-15 fps on everything... always thought it was about 25 due to lcd blur
just look at sharkey extreme monthly midrange pick if you want
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