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Battery Drained today

I had a strange issue today.

I have an EVO Shift 4G on Sprint. Wifi is normally on at home and work. I have Wifi sync turned on and it worked great.

I have listened to music on Winamp while going to sleep over the last few nights. Yesterday I had no problem with the battery.

Today while riding in the car on the way to work, I noticed my data sending light coming on once every few seconds. The 3G notification light was on, meaning that there was data activity recently. About 2 hours later, I noticed it still happening and my battery was at 50%. I downloaded Wireshark to see if I could see which app was causing it. After looking at the report from over a 5 second perior, there were 3 packets sent my Winamp, but no incoming. I presume it was looking for my home PC (which was turned off this morning) and stuck in a loop of trying to find it again.

I tried to end the Winamp task, etc, but it kept doing it the rest of the day. My battery was dead by afternoon and I had to plug it in. I have rebooted the phone but I am not sure if that solves the problem. (The problem kept happening even AFTER I turned off the wireless sync, by the way.)

I will see if it still happens after the reboot, but if there is anything you would like me to check or do for debugging purposes, let me know.

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That is a weird situation. It might be caused from charging and using your phone overnight, 2 nights straight. I would rather use a PC or a stereo to listen to music, but if you were to use your phone again, try using a wall charger instead of a USB cord connected to you laptop or any other source, other than a wall plug.
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Try a good ol' fashioned battery pull as well, as it breaks the circuit's continuity inside of the phone and does a hard reset of the cache and all that that you wouldn't get through simply turning the phone off by its built in features.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application in question?
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